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Are you tired of reading book after book, and website after website just to get some quick gambling tips? Well look no further, was designed to give you all the tips you need right at the tips of your fingers.

At we realize that not everyone has the time to read through pages long articles to get a single simple tip. We've taken the time to assemble all the gambling tips you could want or need in an easy to use interface. You can browse through all the tips or view game specific tips like Craps Tips and Blackjack Tips.

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Random Gambling Tip:

5 Worst Rules

Blackjacks pay Even Money

A traditional game of blackjack has a payout of 3 to 2 for a blackjack hand (when the dealer doesn't have blackjack). The casino increases it's edge on the players by about 2.2% by offering even money on blackjack. In monitary terms even money vs 3 to 2 works out to be a loss of $5 in winnings when the player bets $10.

Blackjack pays 6 to 5

To the uninitiated 6 to 5 payoff might sound good but it isn't. A 6 to 5 payoff works out to be just 2.4 to 2, which means a 6 to 5 payoff offers less money on blackjack than 3 to 2. In fact it offers $3 less on a blackjack when the player bets $10. Don't make the same mistakes many players do by thinking 6 to 5

is a better payoff. You are better off playing a multideck game with a 3 to 2 payoff and not being subjected to the added house edge of 1.3% (approx) of that 6 to 5 table.

Doubling Down only on 11 or 10 or just 11

Be wary of tables that restrict what hands you can double down on. There are many tables that allow you to only double down on 10 or 11 or even just on 11s.

What this means is that you cannot double down on 9 or soft hands. This rule gives the casino an added edge of almost .8% when doubling is allowed on only an 11 and about .25% when you can double on 10 and 11's.

Using 8 decks of Cards

Although it is a usually a good idea to stays away from eight deck games as the added 0.60% (approx) to the house edge makes it a less advantageous game. There are times when an eight deck game is ok to play, especially if the casino offers liberal rules like the dealer standing on all 17's, being able to double after splitting pairs and ideally the option of a late surrender.

Dealer Hits Soft 17

In recent years some Vegas casinos have made a tiny change to the rules that gives them almost a .20% increase in their edge of the players. This rule change can easily be over looked if you are not playing attention to the table. The casinos by allowing the dealer to hit on a soft 17 (Ace, 6) instead of standing on all 17's have tilted the tables adds a little bit more in their favor. Do your self a favor and avoid these tables.

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