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Players Cards

Most if not all casinos have cards that players can sign up for. These cards, which look like a credit card, store and track information about the player it is assigned to. These cards allow the casino to know which games you played, how long you played, and what your average wager per session was. When you register for the players card the casino uses basic personal information like your address and phone number. The casino uses information to contact you with special offers or comps (which often include room discounts or invitations to slot tournaments).

These comps are freebies to you, which you should take advantage of to reduce your costs for various items like (meals, drinks, and shows at the casino). The use of the players cards could also entitle you to cash back and even in some cases free rooms! The average amount of your wagers, and the time you spend gambling determines the amount that a casino is willing to comp to you. If you would like specific details about the casino's comp program just ask the clerk at the registration desk, they will be happy to answer your questions. Generally there is a 6 month time limit for using any comps you earn. Therefore it is best to cash out any comps before you leave for home if you won't be back in time. Check with the casino on their policy regarding comps and out of town players.

In a lot of cases couples are allowed to use one account to track the play of both players, this will allow you to earn comps at double the rate. All you need to do is ask for a second card. Using one account is a great strategy especially if you do not anticipate going back to the particular casino before your comps will

expire. Remember to use the players card when you play but do not change your play to gain comps, in the long run it is cheaper to purchase what you want than to try and earn it with comps.

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