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Are you tired of reading book after book, and website after website just to get some quick gambling tips? Well look no further, was designed to give you all the tips you need right at the tips of your fingers.

At we realize that not everyone has the time to read through pages long articles to get a single simple tip. We've taken the time to assemble all the gambling tips you could want or need in an easy to use interface. You can browse through all the tips or view game specific tips like Craps Tips and Blackjack Tips.

If you happen to have a tip that we don't have then send it on in and we will place it in the Database and give you credit for the tip.

Random Gambling Tip:

Blackjack Plays

Here are some Bad blackjack plays and their corresponding correct play.

Bad PlayCorrect Play
Insurance (Always taken)Never
Hit on 16 vs. 2Stand
Hit on 11 vs. 10Double Down
Stand on 16 vs. 7Hit
Stand on 16 vs. 9Hit
Insure a 10-10 handNever
Stand on 12 vs. 2Hit
Stand on 16 vs. 10Hit
Stand on 12 vs. 3Hit
Insure a blackjack (Always)Never
Stand on A,7 vs. 9Hit
Stand on A,7 vs. 6Double Down
Hit a 8,8 vs. 10Split
Double down on 11 vs. aceHit
Double down on 9 vs. 2Hit

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