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o Remember that old saying "Don't shoot the messenger"? Well the dealer is only the messenger. Keep your emotions in check and don't take your losses out on the dealer.

o Remember it is possible to win when playing blackjack. Try a different table after loosing 3 hands in a row. You didn't go to the casino jsut to throw away your money for nothing.

o Don't worry about what the other players are doing at the table or how they are playing. Worry about the dealer and their up-card. If the other players are bothering you that much, find another table.

o Don't drink and gamble. Alcohol has been know to help players loose thousands.

o Set loss limits and winning goals. Be disaplined and stick to them.

o Don't bet money you can't afford to loose. Betting your rent or car payment is a very bad idea.

o There is nothing wrong in asking for a free breakfast lunch or something small like a deck of cards or some dice. It isn't only the big-time players that deserve rewards. You will likely have to ask as the pit workers tend not to track small time players.

o If you are not sure of the rules or know any of the playing stratagies it is smart to learn the game on a 25 cent video blackjack machine or better yet visit an online casino like and practice for free. It is surprising the number of players that don't know the rules before sitting down at blackjack table. A $5 blackjack table is not an good classroom.

o It is time to call it quits for an hour or two when you start feeling tired.

o It is always to your advantage to play blackjack in a games that offers the fewest decks possible. a two deck game will handicape your play by about -0.35%, four decks, -0.48%, six decks, -0.54% and eight decks -0.58%. Not only is your play handicapped but the house edge goes up substantially when you go from two but each subsequent deck after two offers less of a change. To put this into perspective, If you played 100 hands per hour at $5 per hand, for each -0.1% it would cost you $0.50 per hour. So a 2 deck game will cost you $1.75 per hour and each deck added increases your cost.

o Playing poker at a table that has rules that are overtly in favour of the casino is not smart. To play a smart game you want to find a table or casino that have the best possible rules. The rule combinations that you want to look for are as follows:

-Single deck game

-Both early and late surrender

-Being allowed to double down on any two cards

-Being allowed to double down after splitting

-splitting multiple pairs and re-splitting aces

-Dealer must stand on soft 17

-Deep deck penetration before the shuffle

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