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Blackjack is a game that the Pit Boss is called to a table more often then any other game. Here are some rules that prevent the Pit Boss from visiting your table except to offer you some comps.

o Make sure you know the proper hand signals for the blackjack game you are playing.

o Check witht he dealer to see what rules the casino has about handling the cards. Some casinos are touchy on touching the cards and have been know to remove patrons for doing funny stuff to the cards.

o After making a wager do not touch the chips until the dealer pays you your winnings.

o Do not keep asking for a new deck of cards if your luck continues to be bad. It's best to get up and move to another table.

o Using abusive language is going to get you special attention, unfortunately it is going to be the kind of attention that gets you removed from the casino.

o Regardless of how well you tip asking the dealer what their hole card is isn't going to get you an answer. The dealer is not going to risk their job.

There is nothing wrong with asking for advice before the dealer looks at their hole card. After the dealer has looked don't put the dealer into a bad situation by asking.

o Accusing the dealer of cheating because you lose some hands is a no no. Most dealers are honest hard working people just like you. The casinos take a dim view of being accused of cheating and don't forget that poor play on your part or rotten luck and not a cheating dealer is likely the reason for your losses.

o It is ok to reference a basic strategy card, but you should have a good enough understanding of the game that you don't need to refer to the card for each hand.

o Try using some real conversation with the dealers. How would you feel hearing the same questions from every new player at your table all day long. Does the dealer live in Vegas/local town? Yes they do. Where did the dealer come from? Does it matter?

o Don't walk up to a dealer and tell him he looks bored, make him shuffle an eight-deck shoe just to make one $5 bet, lose, then walk away.

o When the hand has been completed don't try to help the dealer out. Each dealer has their own routine for picking up the cards and you'll just screw things up. Besides the dealers have to spread the cards in a certain manner for the cameras.

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