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Only 21% of the hands dealt in Jacks or better are winning hands, the rest 79% are dogs. The key to winning in video poker is what you do with those 79% and how you groom into winning hands. Your best chance at winning in video poker is to read, absorb and embrace what you read.

o Find Jacks or better machines that pay for a full house 9 coins and 6 coins for a flush.

o On progressive video poker machine that pays 8 coins for a full house and 5 for a flush make sure that the jackpot is over $250 (on a nickel machine), $2 500 on a quarter machine and $10, 000 on a dollar machine before you play.

o On a progressive machine to get the bonus on a Roayl flush make sure you always bet the maximum coins.

o Find the lowest denomination if your a novice player until your level of expertise rises.

o If your casino offers it, use a casino slot card to get credit for your play. You might as well get a return as a comp benefit for your play on their video poker machines. Be sure to ask how many points you will receive per dollar played, and then find out what those points are worth in comps. This will help you shop for better value on your play.

o Since you are playing a machine and you don't have to worry about playing slow, take your time and study every hand.

o There are some players that don't realize that the ace is not the most important card in the deck, the Jack is the best card. By holding the Jack instead of the Ace you have more opportunities of making more lucrative hands than you would get if you held the Ace.

o Games like Joker Poker, Louisiana Jacks and Gator Poker are only a few of the hundred different video poker games to choose from. In this supermarket selection of games you have to make sure you pay attention to the different paytables which require distinct playing strategies. Limiting your play to one or two machines like Deuces Wild and/or Jacks-or-Better is the best recommendation.

o The best way to build up your video poker machine is to play online for free at casino or with a hand-held video poker game. Being able to polish your skill without financial risk is a major benefit. Along with being able to play without loosing money playing online allows you to record your playing data. This allows you to spot trends that would be costly when playing in the casino. It could take you years and lots of money to compile this data in the traditional manner.

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