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Make sure you remember these tips when it comes time to play some Video Blackjack.

1. Make sure to read the rules and that you can quickly determine the edges based on the rules of the particular machine.

2. Don't play a machine that offers only even money for a blackjack.

3. Machines that pay 3 to 2 typically only do so when an even amount of money has been wagered. You'll be short-changing yourself on the payoff if you wager an odd amount so be sure to wager only even amounts.

4. Since you know the rules of the machine you are playing it's time to use the basic strategy for those rules. Even in Video Blackjack the idea behind using basic strategy is to reduce the casino's edge.

5. Just like playing blackjack at a table make sure that you get rated for your play. Remember to use your playing card when playing video blackjack.

6. Most video blackjack machines use one deck of cards that is shuffled after every round of play. There are a few machines that use multiple decks which are shuffled after about 50% of the cards have been played. On these machine counting cards can be an effective strategy.

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