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The game of Blackjack and Casino's have many rules but not all of them are written down. But just because they are not written down doesn't mean that they are any less important than the written rules. Knowing these unwritten rules will help you avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Make sure you note the tables minimum before you sit down to play. There is potentially nothing more embarrassing than sitting down and placing your bet only

to be told by the dealer that you haven't come close to the tables minimum. Look for the card that states the table minimum, being singled out isn't any fun.

To play a table game you will need to change your money in for casino chips. The dealers at the tables are not allowed to take money directly from any player.

To convert your money into chips you will place your money on the table and ask the dealer for chips. When you are ready to leave to table or to change your winnings in $5 chips in for $50 chips, wait for a break in the game and ask the dealer before the game starts to cash you out.

No foreign objects are allowed on the tables. That means no purses wallets, cell phones or anything else. There are even special holders for drinks. If you are going to have a drink at the table be very careful with it. Imagine spilling your drink on your mom's new carpet and then multiply that by 10. No one will

be happy with you so be careful.

There is nothing worse then loud abusive language and temper tantrums. It's not acceptable when a three year old does it in the grocery store and it certainly isn't acceptable when a grown adult does it in a casino. The cause of these outbursts is usually a bad string of luck which these people attribute to the being the dealers fault, even going so far as to accuse the dealer of cheating. Guess what, they aren't cheating, they get paid regardless of whether you win or lose.

So suck it up and if it's really that bad for you leave the table or better yet leave the casino.

Free drinks? Certainly the drinks are free but as with any service remember to tip the waitress, she brought you the drink and that service deserves a little something. While discussing tips, if you had fun playing blackjack and the dealer was friendly and helpful thank them and leave a tip for them. You can either leave a tip one the table for them or place a bet for them, doesn't hurt to ask them what they would prefer.

Children don't belong in a casino and in many areas they are not allowed. Even if kids are allowed don't bring them. A casino is not a place for kids and for serious players children can be annoying.

Before you site down make sure that empty car is empty. A player at the table maybe playing multiple spots at the same time. If you happen to be the one playing multiple hands at the same time consider giving up your second hand if the casino is crowded.

Empty chairs are not there as a foot stool or an arm rest. The chairs are there for blackjack players. However if the casino isn't crowded it's usually OK for a spouse or friend to sit next to you to play. As always it's best to ask.

Before sitting down to play blackjack in the middle of the shoe ask if it's OK. Some players feel that adding a new player in the middle of a game will throw off the flow of the game. To be safe you can just wait until the shuffle to buy-in.

Casino blackjack relies on hand signals for hitting and standing. Vocal requests will not be recognized. Make sure you use the correct hand signals, there is nothing that can be done if you want to stand but signal a hit. To hit tap the table near you cards, to stand wave you hand palm down over your cards. Be sure

to not touch the cards with your hands.

In single deck games it is OK to touch the cards but keep them where the dealer and the eye in the sky can see them. Also if you are dealt a blackjack or you bust turn you cards over right away and place them on the table.

Do not freely give advice to other players. If they ask for help then by all means help them out. No one likes being told what to do. Along with offering advice, don't criticize the decisions of your fellow players, maybe they know something you don't know. If your fellow players play is affecting you, your best bet is to get up and find another table to play at.

Never touch a bet once it has been made and the cards have been dealt. If you are splitting or doubling down take care to place the secondary wager next to the original bet. Stacking your secondary bet on top of the original is not allowed. Also when placing a wager consisting of multiple dominations (say $30) place the $5 chip on top of the $25 chip. Lower denominations always go on top.

Regardless of what you may have been told it is OK to use a basic strategy card when you are playing blackjack. That being said you should not refer to the card for every hand. Doing so slows down the game and really you should be familiar enough with basic strategy that you only need quick glances to refresh your play.

If you are just starting to play blackjack try to avoid sitting in the seat immediately to the dealers right. This seat is referred to as third base and some players feel for some reason that a bad play in this seat will affect the dealers hand. Some of these players even make comments about the third base players.

Which is in itself bad manners.

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