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There is no reason to feel intimidated when you walk up to a craps table to join the excitement. Using the pointers below you will be able to play craps with the self-assurance of a vetern craps player. in just a few minutes you will be able to play a simplified game of craps with complete confidence.

o Making just two craps wagers is all you need to get started playing craps. These two wagers are easy to learn and offer possibly the best odds in the entire casino at less than 1.5 percent. You need to learn how to make a Pass Line and 6 or 8 wagers.

o Ignore the dealer who is promoting the proposition bets which are located in the center of the table. These bets are know as "house bets" and carry a staggering 16 percent edge in favour of the casino.

o Remember to bet with your head not over it. Find a new table if the table minimum is over your head.

o Once you learn how the Odds wager works, never make a Line or Come bet that you are not willing to back up with full odds.

o The dealers are there to help. If you have any questions just ask. However it is advisable to find a table that isn't busy if you have questions. Craps is a fast game and your fellow players may not appreciate you slowing the game down with questions.

o There is a saying in the casino "They lay, they play". What this means is that if you do not pick up your winnings then they are played on the next role. It is your responsibility to pick up your winnings, not the casinos.

o A Pass Line and two Come bets is more than enough action in this fast game. Make sure that you don't get caught up in the game and start throwing money at the dealer for his "House bets."

o The dealer is not allowed to accept cash or chips directly from the players. What you need to do is place your money on the layout and ask the dealer for "change only". This needs to be done before the shooter gets the dice.

o There are some wagers that you can make and other that you must ask the dealer to make for you. Some of the wagers that you can make are Pass/Don't Pass, Odds, Come wagers, the Big 6/8 or Field bets. The other wagers you simply place you money on the table and and ask the dealer to make those bets for you.

o Whatever you do make sure you keep your hands off the table and out of the way of the dice. The last thing you want to do is to alter the toss with carelessness.

o Craps tables are designed with rails around the table to store your chips and shelves for your drinks. They are there for a reason, use them.

o Make sure that when you are the shooter that you give the dice a good toss across the table. There is no way you can slide the dice across the table trying to control the outcome. If your throw is insuficiant then the boxman will call out "No Roll". The second time you may get a token punishment say a slapped wrist.

Should you throw a third insuficiant throw you will lose your shooting privledges and perhaps asked to leave the table.

o If you are betting against the shooter don't root against them or gloat when you win. Betting on the Don't Pass takes guts and brains. It's like going to Yankee Stadium and cheering for the Red Sox. You can do it, just be subtle about it.

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