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Determining your BankrollEmail This Tip
Since Internet craps is strickly a random game, which doesn't offer the shooter any chance of altering the odds by changing their method of rolling, it is best to avoid all bets that have a house edge greater than 1.5 percent.

Always place the least amount possible as a Pass or Don't Pass bets and bet the most that you can afford in odds behind it.

Betting a small amount on the Pass or Don't Pass with a large bet in odds is the best bet.

The Pass and Don't Pass bets are not the only low house edge bets on the table. Two other low house edge bets are the Come and Don't Come bets. They even work the same as the Pass and Don't Pass except you can't make these bets until after the shooter has established the point. As an added bonus Come and DOn't Come bettors have the option of free odds.

Betting on the 6 and/or 8 is another low percentage bet(s), placing these bets can be done at any time but the bets must be in multiples of $6 as they pay 7-to-6.

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