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Slots are the easiest game to play in the casino. Insert a coin, pull the handle, and then reach into your purse for more money. Unfortunately, that's what normally happens when the house has such an enormous built-in edge. But that does not mean you cannot at least close the gap against you and throw in some fun to boot. So, below are some of my favorite slot tips to help you overcome this huge house advantage. These tips will not guarantee that you'll become an instant winner, because it's tough to beat a house edge that generally runs well over 10 percent, but it also doesn't have to be so tough on your

bankroll. Let's get started.

1. The only true skill to playing slots is the ability to identify different machines. For Example progressive machines afford the opportunity to compare different machines for the best value. You may find One 25 cent "slot machine carousel" that has a progressive jackpot of $2600 and another bank of

machines-exactly the same and standing side by side that offer a jackpot of $1900. This is the perfect example as to why you should always be looking for the best slot opportunities possible.

2. You may notice that a lot of Casinos will advertise that they have machines that have a 98.5 percent payback. Now thats abig payback. A casino game holding just a percent and a half. Unfortunately like everything else there is a downside. If you look closely you will notice that the ad probably says "on select machines." Then to make matters worse the casino isn't going to advertise which slot machine have this payback. Now it's time to put your skills

into action and find that machine. The Easiest method is to ask a slot employee, and if he or she doesn't know, have one of them ask a supervisor.

3. Each year, Las Vegas casinos gives away over one-half billion dollars in comps, and as a slot player, you deserve your share.

Just how do you get your share? All casinos have some sort of Slot Club that allows slot players to track their play using a slot club card. This card tracks how much you bet, and how long you play. The casino then using a formula to determine what comps you are entitled to. Check with the casino before you play to find out just what your play is worth to them.

4. Always treat "comps" as a form of profit, but you never want to gamble just to receive them. It is always better to play a 98 percent payback machine and increase your winning opportunities than to play a machine with a poor return that cycles more of your coins. Remember that you are at the casino

to play as long as possible and maybe win some money in the process. You are not there to pay for that "free" lunch.

5. When playing the slots you should always play the maximum amount of coins. You cannot afford or feel uncomfortable playing the maximum amount of coins on a particular machine, play a machine with a smaller denomination. Playing five quarters is a lot better than playing one dollar and playing five quarters is better than playing one quarter.

6. It is never a good idea to play your winnings. By playing your winnings you will lose all your money. Remember even the best slot machine keeps 1.5% of your bets. It's just a matter of time until your money is lost.

7. Avoid at all costs slot machins located in restaurants, bars, supermarkets and airports. These machine are notorious for being tight as they don't have to worry about you not coming back to play.

8. If you cannot decide which type of slot machine to play and you are considering Video Poker as an option? Play video poker. Even poor play on a video poker machine results in a better payback than most "reel" slot machines.

9. Please remember to press the cash-out button before you walk away from a machine. Each year millions are lost by gamblers forgetting their winnings.

10. Should the fates favour you with a win regardless of how small, make sure you receive the full payout from the machine. If the machine is short coins you will only receive a partial payment, with the balance to be paid out by a slot attendant. Should you insert more coins and pull the handle you just lost

the remained of your jackpot.

11. Make sure you understand all the information posted on the slot machine before you start playing. It is your responsibility to understand the details about the number of coins to insert, the lines needed to be lit for prizes and awards. In most cases when someone calls a slot attendant over to complaing about a machine "ripping them off" it more often than not that the player didn't fully understand the machine or it's payout.

12. Make sure that all the tokens register before you pull the handle. Don't assume they register because all you will get is a pat on the back from the casino.

13. If you need to take a short break to get up and strech, freshen up or get a quick bite to eat at the buffet, most casinos will hold a slot machine for you until you return. To hold a slot machine you just need to talk with a slot supervisor and ask them to reserve your slot machine for you.

14. Regardless if a slot machine is your favorite or has been good to you in the past, do not continue to play a cold slot machine. Continuing to play a cold slot machine allows the machines edge to wear down your money. It may be slow but time is on the casinos side. You best bet is to get up and try

another machine. Plus variety is the spice of life.

15. Regardless if you just play the slots or not you still need to set a loss limit on your bankroll. This limit should be a two part limit, first a limit is set for each session you play and the second limit is for your entire trip. There is nothing sadder than going to the casino with $500 that you are willing

to lose only to walk away after losing $1000. The original $500 you took and the $500 you managed to win before losing it all. Set your limit and stick to it!

16. Alright, I admit I don't play the slots all that much, but I do live in a casino town, and I know where the local slot players go to play. Locals don't play at casinos that don't give the best bang for their buck. So if your looking for the best slot machines to play ask a few employees where the locals go to play. They'll know even if they don't play the slots themselves.

17. When you are going to the casino leave your debit(bank card) and credit card at home. This will remove the temtation to borrow money to keep gambling.

And lastly, if you are going to slot-heaven, Las Vegas, your best bets are in the casinos in downtown or N. Las Vegas. The average return on quarter machines in these casinos is around 95.5%.

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