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Here are some common myths surrounding slot machines and why they are not true.

#1: You get up from the machine, some one sits down and the machines hits the jackpot and your thought is "that could have been my jackpot!"

Don't worry if this happens to you, it would have been your jackpot if and only if you were to pull the handle or push the button at the exact same moment that the other player did. Now this doesn't mean 1-2-3 push same moment, this means that even a computer could not measure any difference because that is exactly what is happening. The computers Random Number Generator (RNG) is stopped for a brief moment when you pull the handle (or push the button) and the results from the RNG determine what the outcome of the reels will be. So don't fret about leaving your machine, if it's meant to happen to you it will.

#2: The looseness of a machine can be controlled by the casino with a turn of a dial

The payout rate of a slot machine is set by the manufacturer. Even if the casino could do this it is forbidden by most Gaming Control Boards.

#3: If the coins in the hopper are hot this indicates the machine is hot and cold coins in the hopper means the machine is cold.

The temperature of the coins has no bearing on whether the machine is hot or cold. Are there lights near the coin holder? Maybe that's why the coins are warm.

#4: The machine will stop paying if your machine is opened by a slot attendant.

The opening of a slot machine does not affect how it pays out. Actually it might help considering the reason most machines are opened is because there is a problem with or they need to refill the hopper with coins.

#5: Bigger payouts are found on higher denomination slots.

Higher denominations probably have higher payouts but at the same time you end up having to have a larger bankroll.

#6: Playing maximum coins from the start is not a good idea. You need to let the machine warm up first.

This myth goes against basic slot playing strategy and could cost you a lot of money. There is no way to prime a machine as the RNG that controls your fate has no idea how many coins you are playing. If you cannot afford to play maximum coins from the first spin then you need to move to a smaller denomination machine. There is nothing worse than hearing someone complain that they hit the jackpot but didn't play max coins so they didn't win the jackpot.

#7: To get better payoffs you need to move a higher denomination machine.

This is a very expensive myth to follow. All this will do is make you lose more money at a faster rate.

#8: The machine is ready to hit because you've played so much more.

No matter how much money you play into a machine it doesn't mean that the machine is going to payout. The payout percentage is achieved by paying out smaller wins. A slot machine can go for years without paying out the big jackpot.

#9: A slot club card will make for a better pay off.

Not only does the RNG not know that a club card is being used the RNG doesn't even know what a club card is. A better reason to always use a slot club card is for the comps you will earn.

#10: The machines nearest the door or aisles are the machines that you should play.

These machines may be played the most and for some they are the most comfortable as the are in a more open area, they may not always be the best paying machines.

A few machines over maybe a better machine to play.

Testing a slot machine It is possible to test a slot machine to see if it's a machine that is going to be worth playing or not. To test a machine just follow these two steps.

Take $10 and play through the entire ten dollars, DO not retrieve and re-play your winnings.

If your return in less than 65% or $6.50 you need to find yourself another slot machine. If your winnings is at least 65% then the machine might be ready to pay out. You should play through some more money and track what your payback is.

If you payback is greater that 100% payback then you should make yourself comfortable and continue to play. Remember though the slot machine could turn cold and if that happens you need to find a new machine to play at.

The simple trick is to place bets on both the Pass and Don't Pass lines at the same time. Let's say your normal bet is $5 on the Pass line. In this situation you would place $30 on the Pass line and $25 on the Don't Pass line. This works out to a net wager of only $5.

There is one risk with this strategy which is a roll of 12. You will lose it all on a roll of 12. Of course there is always the option of placing a $1 insurance wager on the twelve each time.

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