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How to Bet $5 at a $25 min tableEmail This Tip
What do you do when you enter a casino and all the Crap table have their green signs out indicating that the minimum bet is $25 and you only bet $5? Do you leave the casino or find another game to play? How about you use this tip to play the table minimum but only risk $5. You also get the added benefit of greater comps for you play.

The simple trick is to place bets on both the Pass and Don't Pass lines at the same time. Let's say your normal bet is $5 on the Pass line. In this situation you would place $30 on the Pass line and $25 on the Don't Pass line. This works out to a net wager of only $5.

There is one risk with this strategy which is a roll of 12. You will lose it all on a roll of 12. Of course there is always the option of placing a $1 insurance wager on the twelve each time.

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