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Secret # 1: Stopping Play

Yes it is possible to stop the play at a craps table if you have a good reason. You had better make sure it is a good reason though. Sometimes the dealers will make a mistake (they are only human after all) and when this happens you can stop the game and request that the Pit Boss correct the problem.

Rarely will the pit boss ever be called. in most cases the boxman will correct the problem. If the boxman cannot then the floor person will look into the situation. If there still is not a resolution at this point the Pit Boss will get involved.

Secret # 2: Your best friend is NOT at the craps tables!

The casino has a person that is in charge of keeping you as a loyal patron and they don't work at any of the tables. They have an office and are known as casino hosts. It is the hosts job to keep you happy and to look after your comps and to make sure you get everything that is due. If you don't have a host

just ask for one. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Secret #3: Proposition bet limits are NOT posted!

The casinos announce the tables minimum and maximum flat bets but they don't announce the minimum or maximum proposition bets for the table. Before you

try placing a proposition bet make sure to ask the dealer what the minimum or maximum bets are.

Secret # 4: Use chips to track the table.

Some people feel that it is possible to track a table to determine how they should bet. It is sort of like card counting in Blackjack but it is not frowned on.

The idea is to use the chip groves and two different colored chips to track either Pass/Don't Pass or Sevens/Inside Numbers. What you would want to do is to

place a red chip every time there is a Pass and a white chip for every Don't Pass (or sevens/inside numbers). You would want to track the numbers for every 36

rolls and the start over.

Secret #5: Changing Minimum's

Most casinos change the table minimums depending on the day and even the time of day. Weekdays tend to have lower table minimums (as low as $2), evenings

are higher and weekends are the highest. When the casino is busy the minimums will be as high as the crowd will allow. Don't be too surprised to see all tables with $25 minimums posted on a Friday or Saturday night.

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