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Golden Palace

Slots/Video Poker Code of EtiquetteEmail This Tip
o Playing more machines than you can "safely" watch over is a bad idea. As good as the casino's security is there are those people that make a living off ripping off players you don't watch their machines closely. It's also a good idea and polite to limit your play to a single machine when the casino is crowded.

o When playing video poker, play just one machine. It is not possible to concentrate properly and make to correct plays on more than one machine. Video poker is more difficult than pulling a slot handle.

o If you come across a slot machine with a cup on the seat or on the handle then move on to another machine. That cup is there for a reason, to mark the slot machine as reserved. I advise you to pay attention to these markers and heed them. taking a reserved machine is like getting between a mother bear and her cubs. It won't be a pretty sight.

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