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Good money management is going to be one of your best friends in the casino. Money management will work for you if you stick to the rules that you have put

in place. To devise a money management program for yourself, figure out how much money you can afford to lose for the duration of your trip and divide this

by the number of days you will be at the casino. This will give you a budget for each day of gambling. Now divide your budget number by the number of gambling

sessions you expect to have in each day, the result is your bankroll for each session. So for example you budget $1000 for a 5 day trip ($1000/5=$200) and you

decide you want to play in the mornings and at night or two sessions ($200/2=$100). This works out to having $100 bet gamble with twice a day. Place the

bankroll for each gambling session into an envelope, and mark the date or session number on the envelope. When you goto the casino to gamble you will only risk the amount that you have put aside for that session and only play for as long as you have alloted. Do not use any money that is earmarked for another session through any periods of bad luck. When your session is up place any winnings back into the envelope to take home. Don't consider this extra money that

you could play with. t the end of your trip you should have one envelope for each session, some will contain nothing, but hopefully you will have a few left that still have your original amount plus a few dollars. The key to making this work is self discipline, without it, you will almost always walk away a loser.

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