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Raising Your betEmail This Tip
You are sitting at a $5 blackjack table and every hand you play is a winner, the logical strategy to follow is up your bets. Lets say your unit bet is $5, you will increase your bet by one unit. If you win the hand you may consider increasing your bets by one more unit (as long as you are comfortable with the

level of risk). With each increase you will be winning a unit or two. If you lose a hand, you will drop your bet back down to your original unit bet and repeat this process. This will make your gambling session last longer and you will have more fun for a longer period of time. If the dealer is hot and wins four consecutive hands it is time to change tables.

Luck is something that flows, it comes and goes, even for dealers, but there is no sense in playing against a dealer waiting for his luck to go.

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